Hi, I've got two programs (client and server) using sockets. The program are working fine if I set the client IP to local host ( or the LAN IP (, but can't connect if the IP is set to external Internet IP (92.24.xxx.xxx).
Anyone have an ideea, please?

Does your code report any useful error messages on failure?
Do you have a firewall?
Are you assuming that message transport is "instantaneous"?
Are you assuming that message transport never fragments messages?

One several code I've tried can be found at http://johnnie.jerrata.com/winsocktutorial/. The error from this code is: "Call to gethostbyaddr()returned error11004!".
Yes I've got firewall, but the program have access. Even with the firewall turned OFF I've got the same problem (: If I set the client on LAN IP or localhost everything is fine, so I can send and receive message without getting any errors. If I ping my external IP everything is fine...

Wrong settings on router...