Hi, I've got two programs (client and server) using sockets. The program are working fine if I set the client IP to local host ( or the LAN IP (, but can't connect if the IP is set to external Internet IP (92.24.xxx.xxx).
Anyone have an ideea, please?

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Does your code report any useful error messages on failure?
Do you have a firewall?
Are you assuming that message transport is "instantaneous"?
Are you assuming that message transport never fragments messages?


One several code I've tried can be found at http://johnnie.jerrata.com/winsocktutorial/. The error from this code is: "Call to gethostbyaddr()returned error11004!".
Yes I've got firewall, but the program have access. Even with the firewall turned OFF I've got the same problem (: If I set the client on LAN IP or localhost everything is fine, so I can send and receive message without getting any errors. If I ping my external IP everything is fine...

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