Thus far I have always chosen the font Courier New because all letters are the same width. Is there any way of determining how "long" a string will be when using other fonts? I would like a way of checking the string's actual length so I can format a printout properly when using fonts that have letters with varying widths.

What programming language are you using?
You could use

And then create an if statement to use this display with this font or that display with another font based on length.


$str = 'abcdef';
echo strlen($str); 
if ($str >= 5){

<font face="arial">Arial font because its greater then or equal 5</font>

} else {

<font face="tahoma">Tahoma font because its less then 5</font>


You mean this one ?

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Me.FontName = "Verdana"
    MsgBox (Me.TextWidth("Hello"))
End Sub

Man I am two for two today!!

HAHA Posted PHP code in VB just now.. and earlier I posted Javascript in C#

I am calling it a day some one stick a fork in me...

Yes, TextWidth is the one! Thanks. I should have searched VB help a bit more before posting the question. Oh well.......