I am trying to make an audio player in visual c++.I am using an audio engine called FMOD which is in a dll to call functions from it for audio playback. How do i import a .dll file to visual c++

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use the lib file to do linking and at runtime it will load the DLL. Just add the .lib file to linker and .h to project and there you go. I use CodeLite so I cannot help on VC++


You may find " Linking an Executable to a Dll " from MSDN helpful.

Depending on what version of VS you are using (this is for 2008): You can got to Project Settings > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > Input

Under Additional Dependencies add "Fmod.lib" to anything that is already there. You can also skip this step by using:

#pragma comment( lib, "Fmod.lib" )

Remember to add the lib and headers to your project and to include the header files when you are using the functionality.

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