How can I make ONE database be updated from multiple terminals connected through a LAN network? How can I access the database through a LAN network in visual Basic 6?

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You can use server and client system. Database you want to update will be in Server PC and use winsock to update data at server.

what is the database that you want to use over LAN ?

debasisdas: lets say its a database that holds records of repaired computers in a service centre. The service centre is connected to the computer shop with a LAN connection. So when the people in the service centre changes information in the database, it needs to be updated in the shop as well. In other words, the shop needs to know the status of computers in service centre, whether they are repaired or not.

I was asking about the database that you are using (access, sql server, oracle etc) not the contest of your database.

If the database is Access then all you have to do is Share its folder and make it writable so it can be access through lan connection...

debasisdas my database is Microsoft Access 2003.. I also want to update to update my database in one server since it is connected to multiple terminals. I need a solution for this problem for my thesis project. :(

Joshua, this thread is more than a year old. Please open your own thread from HERE. We will gladly help, just not from here.

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