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Add a ToolStrip from the Toolbox, right click it, and select "Insert Standard Items". (see attached image)
The standard icons are very limited, so online icon websites can become second nature towards locating the proper icons for your application.

Here is a link for a few Toolbar Icons.
The entire website for www.iconarchive.com is quite impressive, although most, if not all icons require to comply with the terms of the license.
License: Linkware
Commercial usage: Allowed

A simple web search for application icons is also quite useful as long as you comply with the terms for each website.
This is mostly when designing commercial not personal applications.

A personal note.
When adding icons/images to buttons that are small in size, re-size the icons/images to fit the buttons properly. This will cause the icons/images not to be distorted.

Attachments standard_toolbar_icons.png 11.82 KB

Ok Mariandi thanks for ur help but I dont have too sale, just for MCA final year project

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