I am creating a program that will have a database of schools.. Each months the user needs to add a certain data entry for all schools, like each month the user will need to input how each school scored in a monthly competition.

The number of months is not fixed, so I need the program to be able to create a new column in the database then add data to it through the gui.

Right now i have the DB ready and the gui successfuly reads/edits data or rows(schools)..

How can I do that? or do you have any better ideas? like create a separate table for each school?

Can anyone direct me to a good book or tutorial about linking SQL with c# applications or something like that?

I am very new to databases, so i think i should give it more study.. do you recommend any resource for sql with c#?

You don't need C# right now, just concerntate on datbase design and concepts read more about database normalization and how to make your desing more efficient. I don't have specific resources use Google\Bing you'll read posts about each topic.