Hi all,

My knowledge of C++ is nill, and I need help.

I am having a program written in C++(with MFC classes). I will get the source code when completed.

My goal is to be able to brand the program to my different websites. The programmer says he is setting everything up so I can easily make changes in the source code to enter my brand and url. I will be doing this for several current and future websites.

Then I have to compile it. That's were I am stuck.

Are there any free compilers, easy to use on windows, that I can use to do this?

Any other suggestions? I've never seen a compiler work, is it just a matter of pasteing in the source code and running it, or are there tons of settings I have to enter?

Thank you,


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I guess you'll need Microsoft's compiler, afaik their code (MFC) won't compile by other compilers. The easiest way would be to get Microsoft Visual C++ (but it costs money :))

Can't you ask your 'programmer' to compile the application for you?

edit: BTW there's a link below ('related links'; wow! I love these forums' software):

oh, I have found: Cygwin. If I download that with the gcc compiler can I compile a program to run on windows, or would it just run in *nix's?

I also found information on how to download Borland 5.5, though the cygwin looks simple if it would work for what I intend.

Thanks for any thoughts on this,


asqueella, yes, he will compile it, but since I am going to make changes over time (in the brand name and website link) I would much prefer to have the ability to do it myself, rather than bug him for it. Besides, it would be a good way for me to start learning a little bit about how this works,


Cygwin is an environment that lets one run *nix applications inside of Windows and gcc is an awfully popular c/c++ compiler for *nix. I don't believe it will let you compile a Windows application considering what it does is add a *nix layer on top of Windows, so to speak.

OK then, ask him what compiler he advices to use (Microsoft's, I guess)

The compiler itself is not enough. You may also need additional files (MFC header files, for example) which are not included with CygWin.

If you'd like to start learning, I'd advice using IDEs (Borland C++Builder & Microsoft Visual C++) rather than command line tools (CygWin).

Yep, he uses MS.

Thank you both, I may end up going with Borland C++ Builder, it's not too terribly pricey for the Borland C++ Builder 6 Personal version. I think that would do what I want, but I am not knowledgable enough to know for sure....


Be warned that Borland ceased further C++Builder development...
(So Delphi [pascal] or MSVC [C++] would be a better choice to start with)

oh, look what I found:


lcc-win. It was easy to install, and their sales site walked me through a tutorial on how to create and compile a windows gui 'hello world'. I think I have learned enough to get a source code and compile it on my own, we shall see when the code gets delivered :)

Thanks again for your'alls support,


ooopppsss, lcc-win just does c, not c++.... I'm learning, slowly :)


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