I have installed windows 7 which has a built-in intel graphics media accelerator. But there is no option available to check and change its properties. So the problem is that i am building a 3D game in OpenGL but when i run it a message appears that this program has stopped working!! I run it in Windows XP then i runs well!!!!!!!!!!
I thick that OpenGL is not present in my PC. So should i install latest graphics driver? Also tell how can i check it OpenGL is installed on my PC????????

Another problem is that whenever i install new display driver then display driver crashes so i have to rollback to the default one. So i may not install latest intel or anyother driver. How can i install OpenGL separately??????????????????

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Wow that's terrible!!!! I wish i could help but i don't know what to tell you!!! I hope you're not mad at me?????? Good luck on your project????!!!!!

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