I am programming in windows api, and I am familiar with using the
ScreenToClient() function, and passing in a POINT structure variable for LPARAM with the coordinates defined in the point struct to simply send mouse clicks and so forth to the window in which I have the handle to.
However.. what I am wanting to acheive in a much more simpler manner, and maybe its because I am tired right now and my brain dont want to work, but I want to record the coordinates of wherever the mouse is positioned on the given window (its a games window) ..

What I am after- If I look in the games window and see a Magic Scroll, and put my mouse on that magic scroll.. and say I right click on the magic scroll I need a message box to pop with the coordinates in it.
I have a feeling this is much easier than I am making it on myself hence being tired, but some code would help and be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Cody Oebel

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In WinProc() cature the WM_RBUTONDOWN event. lparam contains the mouse coordinates.

Hey thanks a whole lott AD.. I will give this a shot!

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