I am wanting to reference an object of type JTextField and convert it to JFormattedTextField. Is it possible to convert to a subclass? I tried coding something to the affect of

ClassA.object = new JFormattedTextField();
ClassA.object.setValue(new Integer(number));

But no success. Any suggestions?

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Object is declared as type JTextField in another class. The second line is giving me an error. It won't let me apply the setValue method. Even though I tried to declare it a JFormattedTextField it only wants to apply the methods of JTextField to the object. I would think this means that it is still somehow of the type JTextField??? Is it not declared correctly? I would post more code but I really don't have any.


it only wants to apply the methods of JTextField to the object

That's always been true. object is a specific type and the compiler will only recognize/find that methods that belong to that type.
Try casting object to be the type that it points/refers to.

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