how do i specify criterior using textbox and button in form1 and display results using textbox controls in form2?

thanks! =)

Look at Server.Transfer(). How is this question related to a "parameterized query", by the way?

erm.. im not doing asp.. im doing windows form..
i want to let user type a criteria eg. ID no. in textbox and press Go button. this is to search for data that belongs to that ID no. only.
i want the data to be shown in a second form, not the same form as where the user types ID no.
how do i do that?

if i allow the data to be loaded in the same form as the textbox and button, i managed to retrieve the data i want.
but that is not my aim. i want data to be loaded on a different page.

please help me. this is urgent.
i appreciate your reply. thank you! =)

i did this in my form1:
private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
oleDbDataAdapter1.SelectCommand.Parameters["ContactID"].Value = textBox1.Text;
dataSet21.Clear(); >should i actually write this in form2?
oleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(dataSet21); >should i actually write this in form2 too?

im supposed to type what im looking for in textbox in form1. eg. look for information regarding the ID no. that is typed by user.
i want my form2 textbox controls to load with data from access db. how is that possible?