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To find xml code from excel (My site Rank First in Google)
Here i have found new way to develop xml file from excel.

step 1: open MS Excel 2007 or any version Refer Fig. Copy1.jpg in attachment

First create root tag and child tag refer fig. copy2.jpg
step 2: choose the cell which you want to convert into xml file.

use the formula =b2&c2&d2 like that <Root><parent><child>child node</child></parent></Root>
step 3: In the above figure use the formula in the formula box type it as root tag first as
=B3&D3&A3&E3 (Drage and drop untill the last child node
the next cell assign the root tag or child tag name in the next cell and the drag and place the cell which
Then copy the final output and paste it in the notepad and save as filename.xml
and then open the xml file from your browser it will show in the format of xml.

Xml file for the about excel file..

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