I wrote this program for a class, the only problem is that it returns the anwser for assessmentValue twice.

I can't figure out what to do to fix it...please help!!

def main():
    #Get the actual value for the property.
    actualValue = input ("Enter the actual value of the property:$")
    value = assessmentValue(actualValue)
    #Get the assesment value of the property
    #Get the property tax amount

#The assessmentValue module accepts the number for the actual value of the 
#property and displays the assessment value.
def assessmentValue(actualValue):
    assessmentValue = actualValue * .6
    value = assessmentValue
    print "The assessment value is:$ %1.2f" % assessmentValue
    return value
#The propertyTax module accepts the number for the assessment value of the 
#property and displays the property tax.
def propertyTax(value):
    propertyTax = value / 100 * .64
    print "The property tax is:$ %1.2f" % propertyTax
main ()

This was anwsered!!
Thanks for the help
all I needed to do was remove


Now that you got it working consider this radical rearrangement of your code.

def main():
    assessment_value = to_assessment_value(input ("Enter the actual value of the property: $"))
    print """The assessment value is: $%1.2f
The property tax is: $%1.2f""" % (assessment_value, property_tax(assessment_value))

def to_assessment_value(actual_value):
    """ takes assesment value returning assesment value """
    return actual_value * .6
def property_tax(assessment_value):
    """ return the tax of .64 % from property assesment value """
    return assessment_value / 100.0 * .64 ## notice 100.0 not 100 to avoid integer division of Python 2
main ()
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