Hello all you VB.NET 'ers

This being my first post would first of all like to say "Hallo!" :cheesy:

My problem is with Microsoft's FTP class

When I use this class, I am calling the
GetFileList Function to populate a listbox so that the user may be able to choose the files to download. However, it does not consistently return all the files. Usually it either 1] return only 1 file in the directory (if lots of files are in directory only returns one) 2] return all files in directory.

Has anyone had the same problem before and know how to fix this or have another FTP class that I could use to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.This should help greatly in several of the programs I need to run that need to retrieve a file from an FTP site to process and such.

Actually I "solved" it.

In the GetFileList Function is the following code

Do While (True)
           m_aBuffer.Clear(m_aBuffer, 0, m_aBuffer.Length)
           bytes = cSocket.Receive(m_aBuffer, m_aBuffer.Length, 0)
           m_sMes += ASCII.GetString(m_aBuffer, 0, bytes)
               If (bytes < m_aBuffer.Length) Then
                   Exit Do
               End If

I replaces it with the following which seems to work 100% now.

            m_aBuffer.Clear(m_aBuffer, 0, m_aBuffer.Length)
            bytes = cSocket.Receive(m_aBuffer)
            If bytes > 0 Then
                m_sMes += ASCII.GetString(m_aBuffer, 0, bytes)
            End If
        Loop Until bytes = 0

This snipped of code which I edited can be obtained from