I have a serious problem. I installed Delphi 2010 2 weeks ago, configured it, added components, etc. And now it is PERFECT.


It started yesterday. When I open for example a new project (this problem happens everywhere) and I go to CODE editor I can't do anything. Well I can but... Well you better see this short video. I can't explain it better:


1. First you see me trying to add something to "using". But when I start to type, it deletes everything in front.
2. Then I press Enter. It should create a new line right? Well I am pressing Enter and it is just going down doing no effect.
3. Same as first.

NOTE: This isn't happening anywhere else but in Delphi. VS08 and VS00 are working, all text editors are working, etc. Only Delphi.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPX0P-L6RNY

Please help. If you have any idea I will try it. ANYTHING. I can't code nothing now.

PS. I used teh Distiller and turned off everything but still no joy.

Thanks in advance.