I am needing help figuring out how to get this program to function correctly. The program is developed in order for a user to type in any number and it will tell if the number is prime or not. This works, however, I cannot figure out how to get it to say 2 is prime, and 9 is not prime. It also says 49 is prime and it is not. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!

//This program uses a function that returns true or false.
#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 

//Function prototype
bool isPrime (int); 

int main()
	int val; //Get a number from the user.
	cout<<"Enter a positive number and I will tell you ";
	cout<<"if is a prime number or not: ";
	cin>>val;  //Indicate whether it is prime or not.
	if (isPrime(val))
	cout<<val<<" is a prime number.\n";
	cout<<val<<" is not a prime number.\n";
	return 0;
} //**********************************************************
  //Definition of function isPrime. This function accepts an *
  //integer arguement and tests it to be prime or not. The   *
  //function true if the arguement is prime or false if the  *
  //arguement is not. The return value is a bool.            *
bool isPrime 
	(int number)

	bool status;
		int input = 2;
		double root = sqrt((double)(number));
			return false;
				return false;input+=input+2;
		}return true; 
	return status;

what happens if you change line 32 to

double root = sqrt(double(number)) + 1;

I think you might also want to recheck the way you are incrementing your test variable.

#include <iostream>

int main ()  {
   int num;
   bool prm;
   const char* na[]={"prime","not prime"};
   std::cin >> num;
   for (int x=2;x<=10;x++)  {
      if (prm=!(num%x)&num!=x) break;         
   std::cout << na[prm];
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