hi all am trying to obtain a daily report from my database using the code below but it keeps giving me an error of false,when i say debug.print. when i say rptETR.show it gives me all the transactions and not the daily transactions.below is the code

Private Sub Cmddaily_Click()
Dim pubsql As String
    Getdata "Table1"
    pubsql = "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE transaction_date " = "09/23/2010"
    Debug.Print pubsql

End Sub

can anyone please help me.
if u have an idea how i would go about showing the monthly and annual report please share it with me.
thanks in advance

Try the following by changing your sql statement -

'pubsql = "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE transaction_date " = "09/23/2010" to

pubsql = "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE transaction_date = DateValue('09/23/2010')

thanks Andre,
this seems to work since the error false is no longer there bt i still cannot see the report.when i replace the debug.print with rptetr.show it still displays the whole report,any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Try and set the report datasource after the new sql statement.

hi andre i tried this but am still getting the whole report

What report are you using? Is it DataReport? Crystal Report? Active Report?..

Have you set it as in?

Set DataReport.DataSource = MyRs.Recordset


thanks guys for ur help the sites were a great help i can now view my report as i wanted.

Only a pleasure. Happy coding.