hi all
i have a problem setting me back
i have a table "students"
with fields (StudentIdPk , StudentName , Country) as an example
im trying to lookup the field country and put all the distinct values from this field into the combobox's list.(not much records)
what i would like to do is not only the should be able choose from the list but also the user should be able to add to the list by writting down a item (string) usually and the string should be saved to the field and to the combo list when the update button gets pressed.
if i go to the next record and click the combo it should have the new item with it.
be advised that im populating the combo from another dataadapter with query that loads the distinc vales and i fill both dataset on load form event
i know i talked too much but what can i do?
you will find an attachment that simulates the problem

what should i do?
please help....

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