Need help from u all
am a newbie here!!!

making a 2D project, snap link is given below

here i have to blast the ship which is moving downward on x-axis
with a cannon ball ,on the mountain
the function i am using for projectile trajectory is


void ball(int xx,int yy)


void ballMove(void)

void calculateY(int xx)

yy= (xx*tan(angle*3.14/180))-(g*pow((float)xx, 2))/(2*(pow(u, 2))*(pow(cos(angle*3.14/180), 2)));

if(xx>PosX-90 && xx<PosX+90 && yy>PosY-80 && yy<PosY+80)

glutTimerFunc(10, calculateY , xx+5);


void pressKey(unsigned char key, int abc, int xyz)
case 'a':
if (state==1)


when i press 'a', ball starts to follow projectile trajectory and hit the ship

kindly help me out

Problems are :

1) i dont want to use glutSwapBuffers(); other than display function

it is possible?

2)if i keep the angle about 80, speed of ball is fast,but if i changed the angle to 30,speed of ball is too much slow

3) which equation should i use to calculate projectile ??

waiting for positive response

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You should newtonion equation of motion.

In all your code might look something like so :

Cannon cannon;
cannon.add( Ball() );

else if(keyRightPressed){

Vector initVelocity(5,5);

  cannon.shoot( initVelocity() );

void Cannon::shoot(const Vector& initVelocity, int dt = 1){
   //x = initVelocity *dt + 1/2*acceleration * dt
   ball.updatePosition( initVelocity * dt + 1/2 * Constant::gravity * dt);

Haven't touched this stuff for a while, so no guarantees. I'm sure someone will come and fix something.

I am just learning C++ and will have to write the same exercise when I get to the chapter on graphics. I wrote similar non-graphics programs when I was learning BASIC years (decades rather) ago.

I follow and understand what FirstPerson wrote much more than what the OP wrote.

I can't tell if the angles the OP has are measured in radians or degrees. He quotes 80 in his question so that must be degrees. Does C++ let you choose which?

I can't find a passage of time in the OP's code. Is it 'glutTimerFunc'? FP has time passing at a rate of 1 second per iteration (dt = 1).

The OP says that the target is a moving ship. I can't find any code that seems to relate to the position of the ship or whether the ship is hit or not. Does 'Raster' refer to the ship?

I hope there are more comments because I would like to learn how to graphically represent this type of problem.

i have not posted the whole code here!!!

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