i make a program using C title HOTEL MANAGEMENT in which i want to print out of bill for customer then what is code for that plz... help me

Perhaps you should post up the code that you have done so far so that people can actually see what you need help with. You haven't really provided much information to work with

"I make a program..."


"...what is code for that plz"

So you made it, yet at the very same time you want code for that.

While you were writing that sentence, you traveled back in time and need the code you wrote earlier in that sentence.

Now, as someone who has written numerous management programs in which one of its major requirements is print-outs of its data, I can tell you that the number of ways in which to go about it is staggering. You can create your own C engine, use the OS facilities such as spooling, use libraries which help with formatting, use a print server which runs its own engine, or even a library function of the database you are using.

Here are the main questions I have for you:

1. What database are you currently using or plan on using?
2. What type of printer are you printing to (Dot matrix, ink jet ?)
3. Will it be local, remote, or unknown? What type of connection will these printers have to computers?
4. How big are these reports?
5. What engine are you planning to use to format the report?
6. Is there any existing code for the software that will print the report?
7. Approximately how many unique reports will be printed out from the terminal? Will there be customizations allowed for the report at run-time?
8. What is the operating system this will be running on?

You don't need to answer all of those questions, but even a few of those answers should be enough to give me an idea of your requirements in order to point you in the right direction.