i knwo its sound too fasicinating (about title)... and u might b thinking i would be a some kind of rocket programmer or hve gr8 skill over various programming languages ,,.... :icon_question: but unfortunately i dont fall in any these category ,.. actually i'm a student of computer science and in third semester right now and simply know one language i.e C++ .... but read several research paper about os development and knw what is kernals,shell,bit about boot order , memomery management..etc

now problem is that i want to writt a code in c++ that clear the screen but do not use any of the c++ header files and functions, basically i want to intract directally to hardware i.e VGA card to dispaly my commands,text

and i coulden't able to that... i wnant ur help if anyone can do in any sort... like if u kno any other forum or site from where i can get my ans soo plzz tell that

wating for reponse

You will need some knowledge of Assembly to make an operating system. You don't need to write it all in ASM but for some parts, its the only option.

Start off with the Linux Kernel to get you started. Then when your ready, move on to developing your own and OS. It'll give you some experience and will make your Job easier, plus being ready to have your very own OS hitting the shelves. Good Luck, feel free to ask for more help.

http://www.kernel.org/ >>><<< For Kernel.

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I just got a suggestion for you. Starting from the http://www.kernel.org/ is something
you should not do.Because you don't know the Operating system concepts right.So you
should have a operating system course.What about a free one.

This is what you need.

and if you wish to develop under windows you need a 32-bit machine and a windows
to run DJGPP correctly.And use this page to download DJGPP.

Don't listen to the above two comments because they are just
misleading your interest.I'm not saying it's their fault,it's your
fault you hit a thread like this in C++ forum.here most of the ppl
are application developers so you better ask this kind of questions
in some other place.

and you don't need to learn linux inorder to learn to develop
operating systems, see Student Operating system projects all
over the world.

Yes those screencaps are student projects.

hi thnks buddy i reaaly appericiate your response and i saw the link but it look more towords linux os actually i want some thing that i completely own i wan to right my own routine however it so nice of you .,.

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thnks everyone for your response and your generous advices...
for NicAx64
you hve share the some really gud things i ve start reading that bona fide osdev tutorials and now i can imagin how long would i ve to go for this .... thhnks a lot for ur adivice

Kieran Y5
thnk to you too ,,,i didnt check the ur link yet but i ve save it already now i've started reading that tutorial so i think this link will help me a little after now first im trying to collect some knowledge b4 getting into assembly thing

i hope u all champs will help in future as well as i really need that:$:S

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Your welcome aabi. Feel free to ask fro more help if you wish.

I really appreciate your input NicAx64, I wasn't offended. It really depends where aabi wishes to head.

If you think GPL'd Linux kernel is not the best, use BSD or Haiku kernel, They allow everything.

Why not? I've always wanted to try Haiku and help develop it but I don't have the time; is it worth it?

Forgot something...
Do not make patent sues...
Add notice...

Why not make patent sues?

It is a protection, unlike the stupid GPL. Do not sue BSD community, but I think you can make patents that are not harmful to them....

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