Good day to everyone. I am new to Visual basic and I am having a hard time at school because they dont teach all the codes in visual basic 6.0 and they want us to have self study and all. What a bummer.

For our midterm exams, our professor wanted us to make a
program for interview. A simple question and answer program with a database.
So we'll be using VB6.0 and MSAccess. It is an interview program that would interview working people of what might their problem be in there office. More likely a survey.

I was hoping if anyone could help me on this.

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I will help you for a price.. I will code it if you want to.. :D

Wondering, I was wondering what you have coded thus far. Show us some effort and we will most definitely help you out with a solution.

Please read the rules about asking questions at the top of any posted page -

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I also wonder why people ask questions without reading rules of posting thread. Wondering_ed, follow what Andreret said and you are also welcome to paste your code if you are getting errors.

I'm having a difficulty with my project...its about vb 6.0...were on control arrays and i'm kinda having a hard time about it...there are more...were having a project in making a question and answer...using vb 6.0...but when i play my work...the question doesn't show up...and the codes are in error...!!!

Two of the Rules for posting here on DaniWeb are

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So, show us what you have done so far but please do it in a new thread.

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