I am trying to install Visual Basic 6.0 Enhanced Edition on Windows Vista Home. I keep getting and error that reads: "This software is not compatible with this version of Windows" I beleive the Visual 6.0 is compatible with 32 bit windows operating system and my windows vista is a 64 bit operating system. I have searched the web for a solution for weeks and have come up with nothing. Can anyone out there help? Any way around this problem? Thanks in adva ce. Much apprecitated

Using your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) you would have found that this problem has been encountered before and there are several solutions out there that all pretty much begin with right clicking on the vb6 setup.exe and selecting run as admin...

Good Luck

Thanks for your input. However I have tried your suggestion and I get the same message when trying to run as administrator. Thanks in advance for your help

Did you turn UAC off???

Good Luck

Something to do with clicking right mouse button and choose Admininstrator something or other. I use VB 6 on My Vista Home Premium and it works fine but beware of certain APIs that don't work from previous versions of Windows like Sendkeya for example. You can still use Sendkeys but you need to modify the API in order to use Sendkeys.

i have a personal lapgtop..how do i turn off UAC???because i am also facing pretty much same problem...thanks in advance

SendKeys is not an API!!! It is a built in VB function that wraps the SendMessage API and to make it work, turn UAC (User Account Control) off or switch over to that actual API SendMessage...

To turn off UAC, expose the desktop and press F1. Type in UAC... follow the directions...

Good Luck

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