hello everyone
i am a student of computer app.
from last 4 months i was using turbo c++. but by the advice of some people yesterday i installed codelite.
i wrote a simple c++ program but i am not receiving any output i pressed ctrl+f9 as in turbo c++ but its not working i have lot of work to do as my home work but i m in troble because of this prolblem.
please help me other wise i have to go with turbo c++ that i don't want, please give me your valuable suggestions.

same program is running succesfully on turbo c++.

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Keep in mind that different compilers may not interpret your code the same way. You may have to modify it. Can you post the code that you have?

>> i am not receiving any output i pressed ctrl+f9

If you are saying that CodeLite actually fails to run the compiler altogether, then it's probably best to post in CodeLite forum.

If it doesn't compile, my suggestion is to use the same compiler that your teacher is going to use. If your teacher uses turbo c++, then you are better off using that. It's possible to write a program that will compile on your PC, then have your teacher try to run it, and it errors out due to the differences in compilers.

As much as I agree with the above poster, working with a strict and updated/standardized compiler might be a better choice-
And speaking of experiences with turning in homework I never had any compatibly issue on any of my turn ins, whereas my teacher should have been using ms visual c++ 6.0

I went from DevC++ to Code::Blocks and I haven't been looking back.

thanks all of you for helping me 1 more ques:
i am using complete refrence by herbert schildt if i use codelite then do i need any another specific book for this only.
is there header files, functions or syntax is different in turbo c++ and codelite.

please tell me what's the difference between among.

how about you post a small piece that breaks your compiler and i'll see how it runs in mine and if there's any typos in it.

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