I am working on a couple projects where I need to upload files from a client using my software to my webserver and then do some other things. But I would like the software to handles this automatically so the user doesn't have to worry with it.

I am currently using FTP from my C# application, and it works simple enough. But I don't want to distribute software that depends on my ftp login. I would like to find some other way, maybe a http post method that sends a file to a .asp file on the server that writes to a read/write directory.

I just can't seem to figure out how to do it. All my search results keep leaning me toward upload "pages" that require the user to interact with a webpage.

any insight on this?

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I had read about it, but it was the asp page that would accept it that I was unsure about. Guess the first place I should have looked was MSDN.


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