Salaam to all viewers
Dear please help me on this topics
iam having a form,DatagridView,textbox
datagridview contains a data when we write in textbox so the datagriview row select who matching data with textbox
for example i write in textbox Nims so the datagridview row select where the nims find in any rows
so the problem is that
when we it select row but its not scrolling
i write in textbox Nims
and Nims find in datagridview 100 index so datagridview row select but problem is that its not auto scrol
i want to when i write in textbox so who match in datagridview who select in first row please help me on this topics

Let me see if i understand what you're trying to do

You have a text box which is used to search for data to display in the Data Grid View and when you find the information you want to to automatically scroll down the page to the information found?