Gets the names of all the partitions in a system. Note that media must be in every removable drive for this to work (can be fixed easily)

' GetHDInfo - Get names of all the partitions and drives on a system

Dim FSO, d, Drives, MyStr, n
' Create the FileSystemObject
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
' Get the list of drives
Set Drives = FSO.Drives
' Go through the drives and get names
For Each d In Drives
    MyStr = MyStr & d.DriveLetter & " - "
    If d.DriveType = 3 Then
        n = d.ShareName
        n = d.VolumeName
    End If
    MyStr = MyStr & n & vbCrLf
MsgBox MyStr
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how to use?
..where should i put this coding?

Mark A

If a drive has no title or the title is "" then can't read d.VolumeName and program will crash.


n = d.VolumeName


On Error Resume Next
        n = ""
        n = d.VolumeName