we really need help on how to d i s p l a y, a d d, s u b t r a c t,
m u l t i p l y polynomials.

the display should be in ascending order of degree..

and our program should be j a v a desktop application..

and also we suppose to have a p o l y n o m i a l .java
where it serves as our main class.

please help.. even just algorithms for the above function will be helpful.

thank you in advance. :)

You forgot to post the code you are having problems with along with specific questions about that code.
Waiting for your code...

here are my codes in the attachments..
and my prob is how to create the code for
the empty methods in my attachments.

it's about p o l y n o m i a l s
where u have 2 equations
then you supposed to add, subtract or multiply them
and lastly display the final answer
in descending order...

thank you.

The desktop app code is an empty skeleton that you need to fill in.

The other file has 4 compile errors in it.

Please fix both the java source files so that they will compile or if you have problems, please copy and paste here the full text of the error messages along with the full source that has the errors.