HI All,

I am not able to run a jar file in UNIX.

I have a shell script which is throwing this error.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dao/Demoface

classpath no issues as i am executing all files in the same directory named scripts folder whch has all jars files and also script.

Please can anyone guide me what s wrong.

There is a java jar file which contains my Demoface.class file. Here it is throwing error as unable to find it.

Last time i was able to overcome this error as i changed the some supporting jar file ojdbc14.jar. it started working. But now i changed all jar files but no use. Getting same error.

Hi All,
The issue got resolved. The reason is i have given file path wrongly..

dao.Demoface.. it worked when i changed to dao/Demoface


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