Develop an application with object oriented model for an e-ticketing system for a cinema. It should allow its customers to browse and book tickets for movies. The system should handle customer registration , ticket processing and payment and support maintenance of the system as adding , deleting and updating movie and customer information.... plz help me ...

No one is going to write code for you. What exactly do you need help with? Do you understand how to set up your program?

Here's a hint...look at the nouns in the problem and consider making each one a class or a sub-class. The verbs will give you some functions, but it seems like you will need more. Are there other specifications for the project?

How much time have you been given for this? - it will help us get a feel for how much detail is expected.

i need help my project titled "e-library". how to find the codes to help accomplish this project completion.

Dachia, if you need help, start a new thread. And like I said before, nobody is going to write code for you and I doubt the code is out there for your project.