Ok, here's what I've got.

I have a form that exports to an Excel worksheet (sheet1) and it works great, no issues there or anything. It's not a template, just a regular .xlsx spreadsheet, but I use it as my template.

Now, the goal is for the end user to be able to fill out the form, and save it as todays date. How does it get todays date? In the Excel sheet, N2 is todays date, and it gets it from the form. Then save it in a specific folder.

But this doesn't work, because VB (VB2010 in case anyone's interested) won't save the Excel file.

The chunk of code does this (0verly simplified)-

1: Opens Excel
2: Populates it
3: ....... Sits there, not sure what it does after it's populated
4: Save As dialog box comes up, and saves it as todays date based on the value of N2, but the transfer of the data doesn't come with it. The sheet is empty, and I get an error it's corrupt.

I've got some sort of disconnect between where the Excel file is opened and populated, and saved as a new file. I can populate it, and have it open- and it asks if I want to overwrite the "template" file, then I can print it or whatever (printing is a whole other story...)

I don't have a database (I'm not qualified to even touch one) and I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible, but something is missing.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can work this out, work around it, or a new idea on how to get this dang things saved I might have missed? I'm looking for a fresh perspective. I'm not sure I want to use an Excel macro at this point, rather keep it all in VB.

Ideas? Suggestions??

Thanks in advance...

Linq to excel is a cool way to read spreadsheet. You can also choose - LINQ and an XML spreadsheet.

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