My friend said me a document that contains a large no. of spaces for eg-
Where is the CeBit computer show held annually

Hannover, Germany

What is Error 403 ?

Site Access Forbidden/Password Protected

What is Error 404 ?

Page/Site not found -in HTTP

What is HotJava

First web browser written in Java
I want to remove spaces present after the question like What is HotJava and after tha answers also. In short i just want a single block of text without spaces.So how can i remove those spaces and have only the main things. PLZ help me.

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If you do that, Word won't be able to read the document.

Why not just use MS-Word or Open Office to modify the doc file?

Why not just use MS-Word or Open Office to modify the doc file?

This is the best I can say, heed to AD's advice :)

If you are still stubborn about it, learn MS word format and know how to manipulate me, which to me is as useless as useless itself ;)

It is a very long document and this is just a part of it. If i start deleting spaces one by one then it will take me 2-3 days.
So, i want a quicker way. PlZ help.

If you have MS Word, then open the document in Word and do a Find/Replace, replace two adjacent spaces with a single space.

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