I am getting lots of error messages from this program. What am I not doing. I followed the suggestions in my book as well as from fell dani members, yet I am still not able to get this program working. It is suppose to add, average, find the smallest and largest number, product of three numbers. I am so lost. Please tell me that this will get easier. If anyone can help me with this code, please do. Also if the is anywhere out there on the web where I can get more help, add that too. It will be greatly appreciated. This is a homework assignment that is due on 9/10 I would really like to know what I am doing by then so that I can catch all of the other concepts that I am sure will be coming my way. This seems so simple....yet I feel so dumb. Please help

most of the problems are typing errors -- such as using colon when semicolon is expected, and misspelled words. Using Dev-C++ I had to change the top like this: Note <iostream> without .h extension.

#include <iostream> // allows program to perform input and output

using namespace std; // program uses cout
//using std:cin; // program uses cin
//using std; endl; // program uses endl

Here Is Thr Corrected Version Of The File