I want to begin writing C++ codes in Eclipse. When I try to create a new C++ project I am given the option of choosing an executable project type, a shared library project type or a static library projec type.

What's the difference between all these project types and which one should I use? This is my first time writing c++ in a very long time, so Im kind of a beginner.

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-Executable project type generates a runnable program
-Shared library project type generates a dynamic library (equivalent to windows DLL)
-Static library project type generates a static library

You will most likely want to use executable project since this is your first time writing C++ in a very long time. Just to give you a small heads up on libraries: libraries store data/functionality which programs sometimes want to use without implementing everything again. Static libraries are compiled when the program source is compiled, dynamic libraries are only checked they are present when a source that includes the library is compiled.

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