I am new to C++ and would like to know the best way to setup a 2D game engine. All of the graphic files that I am using for this game are in .png format. How do I use SDL with my game engine, and where do I start when actually programming the game engine + graphics?

Bump. This is a simple question on how to get started.

For 5 days nobody can simply tell me the first steps on how to get started when using SDL???

Bump, getting anxious.

It's not really a simple solution.

Follow the SDL documentation. It has step by step instructions on how to start a project.

A game engine is a large undertaking, so I think what you mean is you want to write a game. Not an engine. Although your game will have an "engine" it's not to be confused with an actual game engine, (such as Unreal Engine, Axiom, Quake Engine etc)

If you do in fact want to write a game engine, then I suggest doing a LOT of reading beforehand. There are a lot of good books available. Also, be prepared for it to take a couple of years (and even then you won't be finished!)

Good luck =)