i am new fr this site and i guess i will get some help fr here we have a project on our finals and we need to make a program of payroll using menu with the output of employee name, update employee record. display employee record, delet record and exit in the main menu. .we are using the c++ program. .hope u can help me thank u so much..

What help do you need? Please elaborate the problem and post the code where you're where facing problems.

what pblm do u have,ellorate?

we need to make a payroll with a menu:
1. Add employee record
2. update employee record
3. display employee record
4. delete employee record
5. exit

under Add employee record should have the following:
1. enter employee ID
2. enter employee name
3. enter employee address
4. enter employee gross
5. enter employee deduction

for the employee update:
-search for id then display the records of the id search and save

for the display employee record
- it should display all the record encoded fr 1 to the last part

for delet employee record
- search for id to b deleted

and last exit
- to exit and return to main menu

hope i can get an answer to the soonest possible time it will reli b a big help thnx