I have been set a task that takes data from an SQL server and displays it to a 'Wallboard' (a large plasma screen on the wall). I'm just wondering what everyone thinks the best solution would be? Web-based, windowns form based etc.

Another quick question, upon loading Visual Studio 2005 in this office I am prompted with only six 'Business Intelligence Projects' as Templates. None of the more common templates are present. Is there an easy way to retrieve these for use?


Use a windows form application -- you have more control over the screen painting so you can hide the application borders.

As for the BI projects I have no idea, you need to elaborate.

i think asp.net application has much better user interface than standart windows form. probably Scott hasnt started to work with WPF yet, he must have understood the need to create something which will give you the rich user interface like web applications are.
if you have IIS server, go with asp.net web form.

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