Hi everyone...Can ask some help with you guyz..I want to study cursor-base but I cant find it in the internet...can anyone help me to explain what is a cursor-base implementation and what are the functions..I saw virtualheap, Mymalloc and myfree function...

Thanks for the explanations...More power...

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what do you mean by "cursor base"? How to move the set the screen cursor (that blinking black line or square where you type)? That will depend on the operating system you are using.

From the function names you've given, I think you were looking at this question:

Cursor Base implementation of list problem

A cursor linked list is a data structure consisting of a linked list embedded in an array. I think the term was coined by Mark A. Weiss in his book "Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C".

Your best bet is to try to get hold of a copy of that book.

There is an example of a linked list embedded in an array (not necessarily precisely the same thing as a cursor linked list) here:

Doubly-linked list embedded in an array

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