I have looked around and it seems that there are no comprehensive tutorials on integrating LUA into a C++ application. What exact files must i have/include/link etc? Most tutorials don't describe this in any detail and i am left wondering what i need where.

Jeez, i tried that. The result is many undefined functions even when all of the headers are included and all of the libraries are linked.

i get luaopen_loadlib is undefined even with all of the files included and linked

hmm, after changing luaopen_loadlib to luaL_openlibs, the syntax error is gone but now the program just exits without doing anything.

Ok, i have managed to get it working for now. With the new version of LUA, different header files needed to be included and many of the old functions were changed.
luaL_openlibs just needs to be called in place of all of the other lib open functions and lua.hpp should be included instead of the three C header files.

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