Hello everyone, is there somebody here can help me in my study? my study is about remote access, can you give me ideas on how it works? what are the requirements needed on how to control a terminal pc in terms of programming it. i am planning to use vb.net when we develop the system. tnx in advance guys

Unless I'm very mistaken about what you call "Remote Access Terminal System", it is a software layer that runs on the client (terminal pc) and that reproduces the screen and keyboard functions of programs that run on a "remote access server", with which it is connected and that runs the server part of the said software layer. The point of it all is that what ever runs on the server is reproduced on the client, independently from the software, and even the operating system. In a windows environment it's called "terminal services". You might want to explore "LogMein", which is a freebie program that works in this way.