good day guys. i was studying a particular block of code and came across an operator: ->. im not exactly sure what it does. i found some notes saying that ptr-> is equivalent to(*ptr). for the life of me i just cant see how that applies here. care to help? thanks

void init_Gyro1DKalman(struct Gyro1DKalman *filterdata, float Q_angle, float Q_gyro, float R_angle)
	filterdata->Q_angle = Q_angle;         
	filterdata->Q_gyro  = Q_gyro;
	filterdata->R_angle = R_angle;

and here's the structure of gyro1dkalman

struct Gyro1DKalman
	float x_angle,

	float P_00,
	float Q_angle, Q_gyro;

	float R_angle;

Well it's not that hard to figure out ;)
It refers to a field of the struct..

filterdata->Q_angle = Q_angle;

thank you for replying sir. so what does this operation do?

It means

(*filterdata).Q_angle = Q_angle;