can somebody tell me which book for beginner in C++ .... I have some background in VB6 in old time ...
Thanks !

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The model of the VB6 and the C++ is different.

You are familar with the VB6 application development which are
deadly event driven.C++ is a hybrid programming language where
you also can write event driven applications.for a example QT
/wxWidget have RAD tools which like VB6,But you can't start at
there because you lack the basic C++ core knowledge.And also you
lacks the STL knowledge,where most of 99% of industry projects
uses STL.So in other words the VB6 knowledge won't help much
and you need to start from the scratch.

Download the CodeLite IDE or Code Blocks and read the C++ book
thread. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread70096.html

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