Does anyone know of an web based programming utility where I can program C++ in a web page and have it compile on my remote server. I run an LAMP server

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You can do that only if you have security access rights on the target computer. Compile the program on your own computer then download it to the cgi folder on the target web server.

I don't think that is what I am looking for. Let me clarify my question. I am looking for a web based IDE that will allow me to program a C++ program in a web based interface. Upload the file to a remote server to be compiled and return the command line results or errors to me.

Yes I know what you are looking for -- they don't exist. Use your own compiler -- they are free.

ok would have like to ability to work on some home projects while at work.

Oh you want to work on home work on company time? That's sealing time from your employer.

Nevertheless, there are programs that will allow you to access your home computer from anywhere in the world. Such as PC Anywere

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