Hello all,

I am in need of a simple plotting library in python that can work according to the given specification.

I have around a million entries of data which I need to represent on a graph. The problem is that most of the libraries need a list for plotting and in my computer the python complains Memory Error even with 3 GB RAM.

So I need something that plots a point as soon as it gets calculated and then waits for other till the user does'nt stops it.

I have tried my luck with matplotlib on which I got the above error.
The problem with PyX is that it requires that first such a huge data gets stored in a file which takes a lot of time.

Can anybody help me please...............

You should consider creating an image instead of a traditional plot. Some people here in the python forum manipulate the PIL module and other photograph handling modules. You could plot a pixel in an image for each of your points. Unfortunately I don't use PIL, and I can't help you much, but the idea should work.