So I read the Book topic, but all of those books seem old.

Are they too outdated or can they still be used?

I'm starting on a GameIT-College next summer (a 3 year education) and after that a 3 year programming education (Datamatiker is the name on danish)

Thing is I want to start learning C++ BEFORE i start on the college. So I have a "advantage" or atleast know something. Since programming games is what I want to do.

Basicly: which books is most efficient for a totally beginner to programming, C++?

Do they HAVE to be new?

Which other books you recommend - after - the "basic" book/s?

I have 8 months to learn some C++. Know its not long, but its some.

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>which books is most efficient for a totally beginner to programming, C++?
That really depends on you. Everyone learns differently; a great book for one might not be as good for another because of the way concepts are taught. Given a list of recommendations, the ideal is to have a bookstore or library where you can sample all of them and choose the book you're most comfortable with.

>Do they HAVE to be new?
Anything from circa 2000 and newer should be safe. Prior to that you risk getting a book which fails to conform properly to the C++ standard.

>Which other books you recommend - after - the "basic" book/s?
The book sticky lists all of the essentials, if I recall correctly. Also anything recommended or highly recommended here would serve you well.

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Accerelated C++ has great reviews, and is from 2000. Is that a good book for a beginner? Sounds like it on reviews.

- What book should I pick up after?


By the way, I'm going to use Unity when I'm comfortable enough with C++, to make games.

Or Unreal 3 engine, I'm not sure yet.

But unity is the one they use in the education, so if I have some prior experience whe nI start, is a big + i guess.

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