I am wondering whether it would be useful to close this thread an start a new one? This huge list, spanning 6 years and I don't know how many books cannot be useful, anymore?

To be on-topic: for beginners, I'd suggest to just google "programming c++ tutorial", you'll get many hits and it should help you get starting.

also have a look at wikibooks, they can always need improvements, and therefore proofreaders. eg: you!

I think it would be more useful to talk (probably in another thread) about what characteristics make a C++ book useful and which books have those characteristics.

If people just post books they like, reading that post doesn't tell you much because you know nothing about who posted it.

I have split of these posts from the sticky since they do not contain any info about C++ books.
But a valid point was made here, so I went through the entire sticky and deleted about 50 posts with duplicate suggestions, offtopicness and signaturespam.
It's still 5 pages long but contains a lot of useful links to a lot of useful books. The C++ standard hasn't changed in the last few years, so all suggestions will stay valid until the new C++ standard is finally released. When that time comes, we'll have to review the thread again to see if it needs updating.