Hi, all
I have been learning the python language for a couple of weeks. For now I only know a little of the language, the syntax, usage of the builtin types such as str, lists, dicts, and tuples, this is fine for writing some simple scripts to process text files.

But my initial intention was to build a blog for myself using python, I know there are so many web frameworks, but it is just their names that I heard of, I know nothing about them.

My question is, what should I learn next? should I first learn how to do web programming in general before learning any frameworks? if so, where to start?

And I wish to run python web application on the Ningx HTTP server, how do I configure the server?

Thanks in advance.
Kevin Tse

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Why don't you try google app engine? It can be run on Python and it has quite a nice SDK.

I am using google app engine.
google app engine has some constraints(it only supports python 2.5). I want to run a blog application on my VPS on which I can install newer versions of python and things would become fully configurable, I wish to use some frameworks like django, web.py, as in my first post pointed out, I know nothing about these frameworks, I only know that they are popular...I want to know where to start before proceeding to these frameworks, I would prefer knowing how things work to just knowing how to use them...

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
Kevin Tse

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