I have started using Eclipse as my ide. I would like to integrate python help into eclipse for convenience. Is it possible to replace internal Eclipse help with Python help?



I am using Pydev and I do not see any place to access Python Help Doc inside Eclipse. I can use interactive shell for help() but that does not cut it at all times.


If you want to have the help-pages, I can't help you.

If you just want to see the docstring for a function you're using, just mouse-over the function and wait a second before a pop-up pops up with the help. You can press F2 to give the pop-up focus so you can resize and scroll it.

thanks for the tip. As you said I am looking for documentation integration.

Download the html version of the documents and add them to your project, it works good, except for context help beyond param lists.
According to Sourceforge feature request, there are several requests for this dating back to 2006, sounds like an opportunity to jump in and help.


DO you mean adding the help file as a standard file into the project folder? I do not see anything regarding the help file in the interface.

I am not an advanced developer, otherwise I would definetely do help this project. Maybe in 6 months.

exaclty, I just download the html version of the documents, extract them to a directory and put index.html as a reference file in my project.

Ok thanks for the tip, I was accessing as external tool as well, but this seems to be a better option too.

Can any one teach me how to "put index.html as a reference file in my project ?"
I could not figure how to do it.

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