hi friends,
i have done programming in c++ and now thinking to start some new language........
i considered java initially but now i am also thinking about python
but,the problem is i dont kno anything about python(especially features,powers)..
so plz guide me about it and also i wud like to know about the differences between java and python.........
and it 'll be great if u can suggest me about some new language equally sought after like these two.......
thanx in advance

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From someone whose situation is really similar to yours, I can tell you, go to Python. I am a C++ programmer, it's a very very fantastic language. Best ever made, no doubt about it. But it's not the best language for all purposes(Of course not).

So, I learned Java, and after few months you still have some difficulty in writing codes in Java because of its complications, similar and complex keywords (final and finally) and in one word, it's huge, and hard to learn and get comfortable with.

But Python in contrast, after one week, I'm writing codes for web and E-mails, and I have no difficulty in figuring out new concepts.

At the end, I need to mention that this is my own opinion, everyone knows that Java is a great language and is used for coding big application, net applications and so on. But Python is a fantastic language as well and definitely is worth a shot. If you wanna know more about Python, I think no one can explain it better than Eric S. Raymond.



I agree with group256. If you already know c++, you will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Python.


@group256-i know ir's advantages over java...
such that it's less verbose,better syntax and even in terms of power a little bit,but i need to know which language will be valued more in corporate world..........
infact this is exactly where my concern lies.....

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