Hey guys, once again I have a problem which I can't find a solution for.

Basically I want to be able to create my application by writing different pieces of code in different source files, like one for the main form and then one for each group of components so that all of it gets compiled and displayed together as one application but the code isn't all bunched up together.

How can I do this?

Example: I have a form which contains a load of images and buttons etc. How would I split this into different files so that the form, images and buttons all have their own separate source files?

Reason for doing this in such a way is that I would rather not have everything crammed into one large piece of code and instead have the ability to work on individual parts.

I'm doing this on Visual C++ with .NET Framework.

Just to clarify what I mean, here's another example:

I have a form called Form1 and a panel called Panel1. Panel1 is located in the same code as Form1 and appears in the middle of the form.

However, I now want to change this so that I have two codes instead of one; one for Form1 and one for Panel1 (the properties of each are changed in their respective source codes) but when compiled and run, they still display as the panel appearing in the middle of the form as normal.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks very much in advance to anyone who helps me out.